Due to the current health climate around the world we are offering compassionate pricing. Contact us for further details.

Welcome to the Compassion Space


Whether you are seeking emotional support through tough times, healthier relationships, effective stress management and anxiety relief, or simply wish to improve your overall well-being, you can now access the tools you need, when and where you need it most.

The Compassion Space offers online holistic counselling sessions, one-on-one meditation therapy and kabbalah-based spiritual guidance to help you embark on a journey towards:

  • Better stress management and anxiety relief
  • Clarifying life goals through uncertain times
  • Nurturing healthy relationships
  • Mental well-being and emotional intelligence
  • Conquering fears and addictions
  • Personal and spiritual growth


for personal growth


A non‐judgemental zone of compassion where it is safe to be vulnerable and embark on a personal change journey. Make room to flourish.


Our online sessions are conducted by live video call at a time and place that suits you. Get inspiration and support wherever you are, in life or the world.

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Yirmi Caspi

Holistic counselor, Meditation therapist and Kabbalah guide

Yirmi is dedicated to helping people embark on a personal development journey with wisdom and compassion. He has 20 years of experience teaching meditation and well-being practices, integrating the spiritual wisdom of applied Kabbalah with cutting-edge therapeutic approaches. Yirmi offers holistic and heartfelt guidance through many of life’s toughest challenges and can help you achieve your deepest dreams. He is honoured to walk this journey with you.

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